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Never Forget

Cedar Park Firefighters Drive to Thrive
Benefit ng Firefighters Fighting Cancer. Since 2019, we have had three brothers of the Cedar Park Fire Department diagnosed with cancer. Their department is young, and as they progress through the years, we want to be prepared to help support all of the brave men and women of Cedar Park Fire Department should they need it in a fight against cancer. Please join us in our first charity golf tournament to really drive this fund and make an impact on the lives of these heroes and their families...

Thank you to those that paid the ultimate price for our Freedom
This Memorial Day we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country and to their families. #WeRemember

No Excuses
Be responsible this New Year’s Eve – make plans to get home safely before you go out. #IAFFSafetyTips

Merry Christmas!
We wish you and your loved ones a Safe and Merry Christmas!

Be Smart with Candles!
Every year, candles cause more than 10,000 home fires. We recommend switching to LED candles to be safe. #IAFFSafetyTips

Cooking this Holiday Season?
The holidays are often a flurry of activities and a lot of it revolves around cooking. Cooking accidents and home fires due to cooking equipment are most likely to happen during this time. Keep your home and your loved ones safe this holiday season.#IAFFSafetyTips

Orange County FOP
With a unified voice, the Executive Board of Local 4298 is humbled and honored to represent the general membership that have dedicated themselves to a life of service for others.

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